Friday, January 31, 2014

Pam's TNR Blog - January 2014 Part II

Off to a great start in 2014 with 184 cats TNR'd this month. Finished several audio books while running and driving and driving and driving....from one end of the valley to the other. Sometimes I feel like I am in a "holding pattern" on the 51 freeway!

These photos are of a trapping job I did this week in zip code 85051. Only 14 cats but I got them all...well, all that she knew of. There could be many free-roaming Tom's out there causing a lot of damage. More on this later...This photo below shows them ALL trying to get in the first trap set.

Darn it! He got in first...
This next photo was taken before the trap was set. These guys were hungry. The caregiver followed my instructions and did not feed the cats - the key to successful trapping. 

I trapped out West at a place I had been at least twice previously. The last time the mom cat I was after escaped out of the top of the drop-trap that had split open where the mesh attaches to the frame. What a nightmare! I got bitten and scratches and was bleeding and no bandaids - just paper towels to stop the bleeding. This time I got the little slut - and in a regular trap. While I was there I visited another place around the corner where Suzie and I had trapped about 25 cats. I found out they had more cats - and had not called me of course. Got one there and six at the other spot. I went back last night and caught five more with the drop-trap and one in a regular trap at the first location. I was able to get all six cats in to the Arizona S/N Clinic today - thank you Treva. There are still about seven more to catch there but I will have to go back many places to go and not enough time...

We're hungry!
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  1. I am so impressed and want to say how much I appreciate all your hard work. I trapped and fixed about 20 cats over the years and it about killed me! God Bless you Pam and all your helpers too.