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Pam's TNR Blog - Week of 17 January 2010

Sunday/Monday 1/17 - 1/18

I was back at the W. side trailer park Saturday night trapping for our N. Phoenix clinic on Sunday. I'd made contact with the caregiver when I'd been trapping in the park the week before. There wereLOTs of cats there and easy to catch. I caught 10 cats. It was a successful clinic that day. Suzie also trapped that night at a couple places and she had cats at the vet on Monday from a second night's trapping including leftovers from the Tempe clinic going to the mobile clinic on Monday. I'd be doing the release of Sundays cats and pickup and aftercare of cats from the second night's trapping.

Tuesday - 1/19

Suzie and I had a trapping job in the N.W. Valley. Problem was it was pouring rain! Of course this did not stop us. I got there early and started trapping, hoping to get as many cats before the deluge hit. Fortunately there was some space on a cluttered patio to put some traps. That night and overnight we caught a total of 17 cats. We met Barbara for dinner while waiting for cats to be trapped...

Wed. - 1/20
We'd be at two vets today as I also had a warehouse cat caught overnight and three from a lady (unexpected). Going back through my notes we also had cats from two other caregivers for a total of 23 cats! It becomes a bit fuzzy after a month or so has passed. We did catch some cats overnight at the big job. The yard was a mud hole and navigating through it with traps was a challenge. There would be pick up at two vets and aftercare of 20 cats that night. Traps were set again later in the evening.

Thursday/Fri. - 1/21 - 1/22

We caught four more cats the next night for a total of 21 cats trapped in all. In fact, we caught them all at this location - a great success. There would be no kittens born this Spring at that place.

This time of year the race is on to beat kitten season. January and February are critical to preventing kittens and I always go the extra mile to help as many caregivers and cats during these months. Most caregivers appreciate the help as many we help are truly in need and would never be able to spay and neuter such large colonies. I am so lucky to be able to help so many cats and caregivers...still, I often feel like I am the Red Queen...just "running as fast as I can to stay in place". I tell myself every day that we must be making a difference in the numbers of homeless cats. TNR does help, although by no means does it even begin to solve cat homelessness and overpopulation. Spaying and neutering is the solution to this problem. Unfortunately, many of those I meet either to not have the resources to spay and neuter or do not understand its importance.

We need to get the word out on cat spay and neuter. I carry S/N information in my car and do my best to get the word out as I travel throughout the valley. It is amazing how grateful people are to find out about the availability of low-cost and even free S/N programs for cats.

If you need S/N or TNR information to pass out, please contact The Spay Neuter Hotline at: 602-265-7729 (SPAY) or email:

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