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Pam's TNR Blog - Week of 14 September 2010

Sunday 2/14

I had a trapping for for the 2/14 Tempe clinic in E. Phoenix. It was very labor intensive and turned out to be a three night trapping as the cats could not be done on Sunday. If I recall Wayne trapped a few more than planned! I ended up with 14 cats that night and they all had to go to the vet on Monday, 2/15. The good thing was - I caught them all! It was a long day as I volunteered at the clinic as well. Trapping ALL the cats in a colony is always a thrill - not only because every job is a great challenge but especially knowing that there would be no kittens in the Spring

Monday 2/15

After holding the cats overnight I took them to the vet in the AM, picked them up in the afternoon and after-cared them that evening. The usual routine...

Tuesday 2/16

The caregiver set traps Monday night and caught a 15th cat overnight. So after releasing the 14 cats I'd be back at the vet on Tuesday with one more cat - the last cat. No wonder I drove over 20,000 miles last year hauling cats around the valley from as far West as Aguila and Wickenburg.

SJ and I had a trapping job that night. It was a big one but became even bigger when we found out a friend was trapping for someone near our trapping location. She needed our help.

Oh, and I also had to pick up one more cat from a caregiver who had been trapping and calling me for pickup in the AM. One more stop in the AM...

Wednesday 2/17

We ended up picking up the stragglers in the AM for a total of 14 cats (to one vet) and nine cats at our location that went to another vet for a total of 23 cats that day. Our caregiver had offered a nice donation for us to help her and this makes a real difference as we need donations to help other caregivers in need (like the other elderly caregiver). If I recall I did have all 23 cats to pickup, aftercare and release the next day at the two locations . SJ did set traps at our location that night as well as the other location and caught six more for a total of 20 cats TNR'd at the one location and a total of 12 at the other location (3 more caught the second night).

...and, if this was not enough, I had planned two trapping jobs in E. Phoenix for Wed. night. One was new and the other I'd trapped before - 20+ cats. The caregiver at latter claimed there were 15 more. So I set 15 traps and headed off to the other smaller job. It was a bust as the neighbor down the street was feeding. I only caught 5 cats at the other job and never saw any cats there - not even any of the 20+ cats I'd trapped there the last summer. It is hard to explain this as she claimed they were still around. Go figure.

Thursday 2/18

SJ took the stragglers from the W. side job to one vet and I took the five from the E. side to another vet after checking traps in the AM - more driving...I'd be picking up at two vets and aftercaring before heading to E. Phoenix again to set traps a second night at the two locations from the night before.

Friday 2/19

I was able to trap two cats overnight at the location that was a bust the night before and I caught one more at the other location for a total of three at the vet on Friday, 2/19. These would be released at the two locations early Saturday morning

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