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Pam's TNR Blog - 2/21/2010

Pam's TNR Blog - Week of 2/21/10

Note: Photo courtesy of Molly Wald of Best Friends - Thank you Molly!

Sunday 2/21

We had the N. Phoenix clinic on Sunday. I was not trapping Saturday night but SJ and BC were out trapping 20 cats. Beth and John were also trapping. Many ADLA volunteers were at the PetWalk in Tempe. Many of you know that I am afraid of dogs so being at the clinic was an excuse not to go. I did, however, sponsor several people in the PetWalk. This is a big fundraiser for ADLA - so watch for for this event in 2011!

Monday 2/22

There were more cats trapped overnight for Monday. Second night trappings are a good way to catch ALL the cats. I'll stress again just how important it is to fix ALL the cats in a colony. The goal is to stabilise the colony and one unsterilised female can ruin the effort. I've often left on maleunsterilised, but I figure he'll go elsewhere for to "sow his wild seed". I aftercare the stragglers that night and SJ released them in the AM.

I'd begin the week with a big job on Monday night. This was for about 20 cats and fortunately near my house (not requiring a trip the back of beyond). I'd trapped around the corner of this residence several years ago. When I arrived with my arsenal of traps, I found out that another person was actually feeding most of the cats. He had lived there but now, by coincidence, lived in the trailer park where we had trapped back in January. He was also feeding there along with that same person (he lived just a couple of trailers from him). Anyway, there was a sea of cats when I arrived and I trapped a total of 16 cats plus three for the next day - making a total of 19 cats! Many night of trapping was beginning to pay off - I was getting ahead of kitten season which was right around the corner!

The gentleman from the trailer park was going to talk to the other person feeding there as he had no phone. We were planning to trap for him for Sunday. This would turn in to a real trapping extravaganza (see next week's blog).

Tuesday 2/23

I'd be at two vets on Tuesday with a total of 16 cats. After picking them up for aftercare I set a few more traps that night and caught the remaining three. There may have been one more left but I was not 100% sure - enough to make one lay awake at night wondering...was it a Tortie??

Wednesday, 2/24

Only three cats to take to the vet that day. I'd be trapping again that night. It was a fairly easy job at a business where the caregiver placed most of the traps while I prepared them. I did not have to wait long as most of the 11 cats were trapped overnight.

Thursday, 2/25

I was at only one vet on Thursday with 11 cats. There would be no second night trapping. I'd already done a few of these cats so the total # was 14 cats at that location. That night I'd be picking up one tame female pregnant cat to go to the vet on Friday. Every cat counts and despite the relatively long was worth it...

Friday/Saturday - 2/26 and 2/27

I'd be at the vet on Friday with the one cat making it six days in a row at the vet(s). Saturday I'd return the one cat to the most grateful caregiver who had no transportation.

It is sad that many cat owners are unable to fix their cats. Either they do not have the $$$ and do not know about low-cost and even free S/N, but they have no way to get to the vet. I wonder how many are out there that never find help? We need to get the word out - help is available. Please spread the word...

For more information about low-cost and free S/N programs and the S/N Hotline's TNR program, please visit our website at:

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