Priscilla Fund

The Priscilla Fund provides funding for TNR for caregivers of free-roaming, primarily feral cats in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The fund as helped sterilize over 6,000 free-roaming cats since 2011. This charitable fund was founded in honor of Priscilla Cat, the world's most beautiful, precious and loving cat the world has ever seen. She is the reason I have devoted my life to helping free-roaming cats. She herself was born on the street, fostered and adopted by me because she was too "feral" to be adopted out.

Priscilla passed away on 11/27/15 after a two year battle with cancer. Although in remission, she succumbed to heart disease at 12 years of age. To donate to the Priscilla Fund please send an email to: or call Pam @ 602-717-2287. Every part of your donation goes to pay veterinarians to sterilize free-roaming, primarily feral, cats. Thank you.

Priscilla Cat in 2009

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