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Pam's TNR Blog - October/November 2012

It's November 8th and I have already TNR'd 1900 cats in 2012. October was especially busy and included the 100 cat AHS clinic on the 2nd and Dr. Kit's Mobile Vet clinic for 100+ ferals on the 17th. Already in November we had the yard sale raising nearly $4,000 for feral cat S/N and another 100 cat clinic @ the AHS on November 6th. Dr. Kit will be hosting another feral day on November 12th. And, the North Phoenix S/N Clinic is now open on Saturday's and Sunday's often doing 40+ feral cats. Thanks to the support of the AHS and PetSmart Charities we continue to trap in the the nine target zip codes in Phoenix where all surgeries are free!

The most memorable trapping in October was a colony of 38 cats. Suzie helped and we caught ALL the cats over two nights. Below is a photo of the hungry cats as we set the first trap. Thank goodness these cats will not be reproducing this Spring!

Trapping Nirvana!
I trapped 18 cats from two different caregivers for the AHS clinic. The next day I had 15 cats in, 14 from another colony and one from a second night trapping. A second night trapping brought in another four cats for the next day fro that colony plus six more cats from two colonies I'd trapping before. Turned out that I trapped every night that week for a total of 46 cats!
The mobile clinic on the 17th was challenging. We ended up with too many cats and had to take seven cats to another clinic and 14 cats had to be fixed the next day. Thank you Dr. Kit for doing so many cats for us for FREE! We the help of my fellow trapper Janice, we were able to get 21 cats in from a central Phoenix neighborhood. Janice had seen the a "free kittens" sign driving by and convinced the caregiver to at least let us fix the kittens before they were given away. See below. We are still working to get the caregiver's eight dogs spayed and neutered through the MCACC voucher program.
Free Kittens - Now Fixed!

The following photo is of Dr. Kit's Mobile Vet clinic parked @ the church.  To schedule an appointment for cost S/N @ Dr. Kit's clinic call; 602-909-5383.

Dr. Kit's Mobile Vet Clinic

The annual Harry Bartel Memorial Yard sale too place on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. We collected stuff from more than 40 individuals and had an enormous amount of stuff donated by My Sister's Closet, a local upscale resale store and a downtown Glendale gift shop. Thanks go out to My Sister's Closet, Cottage Garden, and all the volunteers and donors who helped make this sale the most profitable ever! We raised nearly $4,000 to help homeless cats...Below is a photo of Suzie's vehicle packed with cats, empty traps and donated yard sale items. Suzie is sure happy she purchased her Ford Transit Connect that can carry up to 50 cats.

After a week in Florida (enjoying the effects of Hurricane Sandy) I've already trapped over 40 cats and it is only November 8th. The AHS clinic this week was a great success. We had 26 cats too many and had to take them to another clinic.Today I am busy planning the mobile for 70 cats on the 12th.

I'd like to personally thank all the yard sale contributors and especially the caregivers who fixed their cats this month. Special thanks go our to Marie and her neighbor who finally allowed me to trap and fix their 34 cats. I had visited Marie and left notes for her numerous times and she did not call me because she was afraid I would not bring the cats back. 

If you need assistance with feral cats please call the Spay Neuter Hotline @: 602-265-7729 (SPAY). TNR is the most humane and effective method of stabilizing free-roaming cat populations.

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