Saturday, July 26, 2014

June/July 2014

It is now summer in Phoenix and the trapping can be brutal. However, this year, I decided to do mostly morning trapping as it is much more bearable (for me) and cooler and safer for the cats in traps. It has worked out quite well so far. I get up at 4:00 AM and usually start trapping by 5:15 AM. The good news is the cats are out at this time enjoying the cool mornings too - well until they get "abducted b an alien" (at least thus us what they think)...

I have been focusing on a couple of Mobile Home Parks (MHP's) spending many mornings there waiting with the drop-trap. While waiting I have listened to many great audio books while drinking coffee instead of sweltering in the heat in the evening - and I can be home watching Gunsmoke reruns too!

There were two big clinics in June, one at AHS and one at Dr. Kit's mobile. There was a big AHS clinic in July also. These actually required that I trap in the AM the day before and hold the cats until the next morning. The reason for this is that I have to be at the clinics early and I want to make sure we have enough cats for the clinics. Thankfully Suzie does a LOT of the AM transport for large clinics. 

We make a great team and these clinics are always full...sometimes too full and cats have to be taken to other clinics to be fixed. 

The photo at the left is of some kittens discovered under a house. I tried to trap there early one morning but the dumpster divers in the adjacent alley made too much noise. Then one "Pilgrim" came by looking for his shoes! ...was drunk of course. The dumpster divers were fighting over the stuff while others came down the alley in route to the Circle K for breakfast. I have only caught one cat there - there are now 15 more to TNR. This one might be too much of a challenge as there is no time of day or night without foot traffic...not too mention the neighborhood (21st Ave. and Van Buren)

Below are some highlights of summer trapping:
These guys are now fixed!
Got him after several attempts with the drop-trap!

Nothing about TNR is easy...A lot of people think you just go trap the cats and get them fixed Unfortunately, it is not that simple Trappers have to deal with difficult and demanding caregivers, neighbors who hate the cats, heat and cold, lifting, transporting, and aftercare in 110 degree weather. Catching the last cat(s) is also a challenge, especially after fixing 30 cats in the colony and trying to get the last illusive Tom. I have TNR'd over 100 cats in this MHP over the last three years. Almost finished but note quite...