Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of 10 February 2014

Caregivers have have been feeding cats at this defunct poultry processing facility since 1954 according to owner's relative. There have not been chickens there for at least 15 years, but the cats remained, breeding out of control...And NONE of them had been fixed. They are now - or at least 43 of them are! 

Cats go in, out and under this house

The photo at the right is of the
original main house on the property.

The cats go in and out and several cats were trapped near where the trap is set in the photo. Suzie and I trapped 29 cats the first night and 14 cats the second night for a total of 43 cats. 

This place has been there a long time. The caregivers indicated that the property was originally occupied around the turn of the century. The outbuildings suggested that there was a lot of history here...The following photos show some of the place where more than 43 free-roaming cats reside. 

I returned to the location yesterday and saw at least four more cats that were not ear tipped. I do this by taking photos with my digital camera then blowing them up on the screen. Works superbly for seeing those smaller eartips. A drop-trap is in order - will be a real challenge with so many fixed cats. But we do not give up finishing colonies. Here is a photo of two - one not eartipped.

You need fixing!

The photo below is the truck used to bring chickens to the processing facility.

 Old poultry truck

Cats are fed under this truck and at other places on the property. We also
trapped at two houses of the same vintage across the street where cats are also fed by the resident caregiver/caretaker. I cannot wait to bet back and snag the stragglers. This is when "the going gets tough, the tough get going"!

Stay tuned for week of 10 February - Part II!

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  1. If these two dogs seem to appear at your animal center, please let me know... They ran away at around 5am Monday morning and we haven't found them since. The scrawny little one is Leche, hes fairly skinny and is about 3 to 4 years old with a long tail that curls up almost like a piggy tail. He also has a blue collar with tags on the number on them reads 279-0940 but my number has changed to 4806943441. And the bigger scruffy one sleeping in the other picture is Louie and he doesn't have a collar. I'm more concerned about Louie because he doesn't have any tags let alone a collar. I know that Louie has muddy paws from a walk we went on the day before he ran away. They are both extremely nice to anyone even strangers so it shouldn't be a hassle to scoop them up if someone finds them. If they are found please contact me at any of the following: (480-341-1202) (480-694-3441) ( ( Thank you for your help.