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Pam's TNR Blog - 2/7/2010

Pam's TNR Blog - Week of 2/7/2010

Sunday/Monday - 2/7 and 2/8

I did not trap for Sunday's clinic and other that working at the Tempe clinic on Sunday, I only had to transport and aftercare one cat so things were pretty uneventful.

Monday month we set off to trap at yet another, although smaller, trailer park on W. Grand Ave. The caregiver had been trapping on his own, one cat at a time. We know well once never gets ahead going this route. We agreed to go help him trap. Originally we'd planned on about 6-8 which turned in to 16 cats. This park really needed help! I do recall a nice dinner with Barbara that night making it a nice evening. Still we had to put up with LOTs of curious and noisy kids in the park - something that always makes things more difficult. The photo shows the kids in action.

Tuesday - 4/9

I'd be at two vets that day with a total of 16 cats. There would be the usual pickup, aftercare and release of these cats. We'd be back here later in the Spring for sure.

I could see things already getting pretty busy this week as on we had another big job to do on Wed. night. Channel 15 was coming out on a trapping job with us for TV spot! Thisopportunity had come up due to a caregiver contacting us for TNR and she wanted viewers to see TNR in action. Suzie would end up helping this lady's mother drop-trap a last (pregnant) cat as well. she was very greatful for our help. The rest of the week would be very busy but exciting...

Wed. 2/10

I had the 16 cats to release at the trailer park in the AM. If this were not enough three cats in traps (from three different caregivers who trapped without a plan and needed the cats picked up of course). These would have to be retrieved from the vet before loading up and meeting the reporter at the west Phoenix trapping location for the taping of the TV spot. I'd trapped several years ago at this location and there were now about 15 more cats to TNR. Over the next two nights we'd fix a total of 18 cats here. This neighborhoodwould always have cats as do many of these older neighborhoods in this part of town. We met the reporter there around dusk. She was the reporter and camera person so many shots had to be taken several times. The good news is we caught 16 cats that night and overnight. The piece aired later that week (it was not live but I really hate being taped). After the reporter left we set off for our usual dinner at the QT. See photo below.

Thursday 2/11

Suzie met the reporter in the AM to check the traps while I, with the load form the night before, traveled further west to pick up four tame cats for an elderly caregiver I'd helped withferals previously. After taking the four tames plus 10 of the ferals to one vet I met Susie and the reporter at the second vet. I had several more to unload and several were trapped overnight. So I'd have 16 ferals and four tame cats for aftercare and release. Traps were set again the next night.
Friday 2/12

We released the 16 cats on Friday AM and picked up two more caught overnight. I returned the four tame cats and headed to the vet with the two additional cats and one more cat trapped w/o a plan (Grrrr...). These would be aftercaredand released on Saturday morning.

It had been a record week . We were involved in TNR'ing 53 cats and these were the only ones Suzie and I had done. All told, 215 cats had been fixed this week.

There are still a LOT more cats out there to TNR so we cannot become complacent. We are making a difference! So, if you are feeding feral cats or know someone who is please contact the Spay Neuter Hotline at: 602-265-7729 (SPAY) or visit We can help.

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  1. Pam you are WONDERFUL! The cats at Sunset Terrace on Bethany Home are all fine...the community is so grateful. I really do not know what we would have done without you. I am now going to make regular donations to ADLAZ my goal, and I'm going to help spread the word.

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