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Pam's TNR Blog - December 2011

December 2011

We started off December by trapping 83 cats in the first week. And, ALL 83 cats were trapped in our target zip code, 85019.

The first job was for 37 cats; 33 cats the first night and four cats the second night. Grant, Barbara, Suzie and I trapped this first night and even filled all but one trap left out over night including a couple extra Suzie trapping in the morning in the alley when checking traps. The second night yielded only one cat but thanks again to Suzie's perseverance, three more were trapped in the alley once again. I do have to thank Suzie as I had a broken knee cap and could not do much lifting. Still, I was able to lift empty traps and bait traps.

The caregiver was so great full for our help. He had called several years ago and never followed through. One of our schedulers called him as he was on the list of caregivers in the 85019 area. Because he did not do TNR previously his colony had multiplied exponentially. He was also grateful for the cat food I brought him as feeding 37 cats on a fixed income can be challenging. He was truly in need and these the the caregivers we want to help through our PetSmart Charities grant for 85019.

Alley across the street
where many cats were trapped

Suzie gettin ready to release cats in the cold morning

One ear-tipped cat happy to be home!

As if 37 cats was not enough, we needed cats for our Saturday clinic in N. Phoenix. We needed about 20 cats so I picked a 15-20 cat job in the 85019 zip code. Well, 15-20 turned in to 41 cats total! We trapped Friday night having to make an emergency run to Suzie's for more traps and having to double some cats up as well. We had 30 cats in on Saturday and trapped again Saturday night ending up with 16 more cats for Monday's clinic. Of 38 total traps only one trap was empty and we fear it tripped on its own. We did see more cats there so another round may be necessary. This job involved three caregivers in a neighborhood.

Still, we were happy with 83 cats in one week although this was certainly not a record. I had intended to enumerate the # of lifting and hauling steps but somewhere along the line I lost track!     

I am now at 2046 cats trapped in 2011. I am hoping to break my previous record of 2084 in 2010 and I think I will. This broken knee is a problem but I've never let broken bones stop me before. The immobilizer works great...I just have to move more slowly.

My usual plea for $$$...Please consider a Holiday gift to the many homeless cats on the street in our community. We can spay or neuter one cat for a $25 donation. This will prevent a litter of kittens in the Spring. Thank you for your support!



  1. Hi Pam! I'm absolutely amazed at your numbers and your hard work!
    Merry Christmas!
  2. Wow! What a great group of volunteers.

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